An unplanned video chat with an old mate of Simon’s led to the creation of this piece of resin art.

resin unicorn

At the height of the Corona-Virus lockdown, we got an Instagram alert that an old mate of Simon’s was live-streaming.  We started watching and it turned out Simon’s mate, Stuart, was just experimenting and invited anyone to join the Instagram Live Stream for a video catch-up.

A couple of other people joined in and had a public Instagram chart, then we decided to as well.  We hadn’t see Stuart for years, infact our only recent contact had been a few Facebook comments, so it was great to catch-up.

Stuart was quick to mention how much he liked the resin-art I had put on social media.  As we chatted, and he moved around his house, we spotted some nice art on his walls.  One thing led to another, and it wasn’t long before I offered to create a piece especially for him.

Even though we told Stuart, in the video chat, that I’d make him a resin art piece, I don’t think he believed us.  Simon and I agreed that we should definately make something for Stuart, and that it should be a surprise.

I got everything ready ready for a circular piece of resin art to be poured, and Simon got his camera ready to film a video.  Our daughter, Karla, even helped out by filming a second angle on my iPhone.

Once we were finished, Simon edited the video and posted it to our family YouTube channel.  We sent Stuart a link with a note that simply said “surpise!”

Once the Corona-Virus lockdown restrictions had eased, Staurt came to visit and helped decide witch way was up for the circular piece of resin art.  Simon installed a hanging wire on the back, then him and Stuart reminessed about old times over a few cuppas.

Hope you like the art piece Stuart, we enjoyed making it.

group photo Mandy Stuart Simon

Mandy, Stuart and Simon

YouTube Link:
By the way, if you think we should make more videos like this, please leave a comment.  Maybe I’ll even start my own channel…

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